Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cake tasting.... YUMMY

We started the day out with Cake tasting at Edgars Bakery with Chad. I absolutely love love love the strawberry cake here!!!
Then mom & I headed to Olexa's in Mt. Brook for a bite of lunch and some more cake tasting. The cake here is absolutely delicious both the chocolate and vanilla. Its gonna be a really hard decision but I think I have a better idea of what type of cake I want for the wedding!!!
To finish off the afternoon.....
mom and I took bella for her spa day @ Generation Dogs over in Homewood. She got her teeth cleaned and a new hairstyle that looks sooo much better. She looks absolutely adorable, she got a good report from the groomer saying she was a wiggle worm so she is getting better!!!
Has anyone ever heard of pastry art bake shop in Homewood?? Yall need to check out the "baby bites" it is small pieces of the different types of cakes they have. This is our next place for cake tasting, they are delicious & this just might be my favorite... we will see!?!?!