Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goodbye summer

Saying goodbye to summer this year is a little harder than normal we have so many great memories. I have enjoyed our first 3 months of being engaged, wow time really has flown. Only eight more months until Ill be Mrs. Lindsey!!!!

Right now Chad and I are on a family vacation with my mom, dad and brother oh and of course Bella. Its bellas first trip to the beach and lets just say she isnt enjoying it like I had hoped she would. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Her first time to the ocean

We are enjoying the last bit of summer and tonight we celebrated Bellas 1st Birthday!!!! I realize Im obsessed with my dog....

what did I get her......

An alabama dress I cant wait for her to wear it on Saturday

mom got her the tutu I have been looking for.... its absoluetly adorable!!

Bellas first day home...

Bella at her 1st Birthday Party all grown up!!

My next blog will actually involve people :)