Sunday, October 11, 2009

getting caught up... finding a band!!

So I havent blogged in an almost a month but to get caught up we have done so much over the past few weeks. We ordered my cake from Barbs cakes on september 21, we have an idea of what we want for chads cake. We had our planning session with gabrella manor on the 23rd and went over every single detail of the wedding. I really feel like everything is falling so quickly and easily into place. The only thing that keeps holding us up is all this rain, the engagement pictures have been postponed twice :( oh well we have plenty of time to get those done!! Somewhere in all of this me and malori went to Bellas bridesmaid and tried on several of the dresses. I fell in love with three dresses but we have settled on one, I cant wait to see everyone in them!!! They are adorable!! We ordered Annas junior bridesmaid dress on sunday!!! Malori helped me out and found the exact same color dress that will match the bridesmaids dresses and she looks adorable. Mom ordered her mother of the bride dress last week. Oh and this afternoon I picked up the very large box of wedding invitations!! So the only major thing left is finding a band.... we are heading out tonight to listen to a jazz band. any suggestions?? This has been the hardest decision for us well maybe more for me!!
I dont have many pictures that I can post because thats what the wedding is for but here is a sneak peak of our wedding invitation!!!