Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So many decisions....

Decisions... Decisions...
So I found this random picture on the internet awhile back and now Im starting to really like the color idea of the deep purple and the apple green! Im going to try to stick with this color theme for atleast a week without changing my mind again...

I just love the colors...

Oh and these...

via Colin Cowie

Rachael and I went to look at bridesmaid dresses on friday, I had no clue how difficult of a task this was going to be. Bella Couture had some adorable dresses but Im having a hard time picking out exactly what color I want to use.

I have spent hours this past week looking at thousands of blogs, I came across this one picture that is kinda random but the dresses on the girls are adorable. I wish I knew where they came from!!!!

I found this picture from Green Wedding Shoes which by the way is my favorite blog right now!!

The dresses came from Rose and Ruby.

Are these not THE cutest shoes?!?! I keep seeing them on different blogs so I have no clue where they came from but I would love to wear these down the aisle....

Here is the dress I got for our engagment pictures .... I think it will be adorable with a big brown belt and some boots.

via anthropologie

So while Im trying to decide on the color theme, the flowers , the bridesmaid dresses and shoes. I still have invitations to pick out, but I think I have my cake picked out!!!
So many decisions......

So indecisive

Today was my planning session with my "florist" ha ha Kim Swafford has been one of my moms really close friends for many years. She has volunteered to help take on the what I think is a large task for the flowers for our wedding!!!
We visited with Brenda and Kim at Gabrella Manor to find out exactly what we could and could not do on the property. No sparklers :( We walked all over the house and ground looking at different parts of the house and deciding where exactly we should add extra flowers. The house already has so much character it really doesn't need much. Just a little bit of a Leah touch. Which I don't know what that is right now :)

Im having a really hard time nailing down exactly what colors I want to use I keep going back and forth right now I'm set on deep purple and apple green but I'm sure that will change with the next magazine I get and the next set of flowers and colors I see. If anyone knows me well they know that I can never make a decision, it can be on anything from a place to eat to what color I want my bouquet to be for my wedding day.... so many decision ahead of me.
This is the exact location of the wedding where we will say our vows which by the way IS the most important part of this entire wedding. So I can relax because I have that down pat I just don't have down the colors of the wedding ha ha.... my next blog later tonight will have some picture of some things I need to start making some decisions on....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our new addition Brody!!

Here are a couple of other pictures from the engagement party that didnt make the last blog...

My future in laws!!!

Chads future in laws!!
The rest of the engagement party phots are on facebook!!

We have a new addition to the family Brody Alexander Gordon!!! My cousin Casey had her baby early tuesday morning 8lbs, 6 oz, 20 1/2 in. long. He is adorable I went to see him for the first time at the hospital on tuesday!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our engagement party!!

I have the sweetest friends!! All of my very close friends from highschool threw Chad & I an engagement party. We are so thankful that we were able to get all of our friends and families together to celebrate our engagement!!!

Rachel did a great job with the decorations all of the tables were decorated and looked awesome!

Here is just a small picture of all of the delicious food that the girls cooked... maybe they should go into catering... it was delicious!!

Rachel took a day trip to atlanta to get some 2 buck chuck wine... it was YUMMY!!!

Ashley made this awesome cake for us with the theme of the beach, the location where we got

Thank you girls for everything we had a great time celebrating with our friends and families!!!

Here is the facebook link with all of the pictures that night:

Friday, August 14, 2009

My next purchase...

oohhh this just might be my next purchase!!! to be continued.....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cake tasting.... YUMMY

We started the day out with Cake tasting at Edgars Bakery with Chad. I absolutely love love love the strawberry cake here!!!
Then mom & I headed to Olexa's in Mt. Brook for a bite of lunch and some more cake tasting. The cake here is absolutely delicious both the chocolate and vanilla. Its gonna be a really hard decision but I think I have a better idea of what type of cake I want for the wedding!!!
To finish off the afternoon.....
mom and I took bella for her spa day @ Generation Dogs over in Homewood. She got her teeth cleaned and a new hairstyle that looks sooo much better. She looks absolutely adorable, she got a good report from the groomer saying she was a wiggle worm so she is getting better!!!
Has anyone ever heard of pastry art bake shop in Homewood?? Yall need to check out the "baby bites" it is small pieces of the different types of cakes they have. This is our next place for cake tasting, they are delicious & this just might be my favorite... we will see!?!?!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The 2nd day of shopping for "the perfect dress"...

Today we visited Bella Couture in Mt. Laurel, I have never been to this side of town but its an absolute adorable side of town!!!

We walked into the store at 12 noon before I had even introduced myself to the owner I saw "the perfect dress" it was across the room hanging on the end of one of the racks in the room!! After realizing that I was just standing there staring at "the dress" I introduced myself to the sweet owner. I told her I wanted to try the dress on b/c I knew that's what I wanted. This store had a great variety of dresses and really they were all so gorgeous. I picked out about 7 dresses but I wanted to try on "the" dress first. I put it on and fell in love with it, I tried on 2 other dresses and this started to confuse me b/c I loved different parts of the other 2 dresses. Its so hard for me to make a decision but after trying "the dress" back on I told my mom that this was it!!! She started crying :) We took a couple of pictures, took my measurements realized I needed to loose 5 pounds and ordered the dress!!! This are moving ahead so quickly... tomorrow is cake tasting day!! YUMMY

1st day of shopping for "the perfect wedding dress"!!

Monday August 3, 2009 me and mom started out early this day we drove up to Hartselle Alabama. Its definitely a very small town but has so much character it is adorable just driving down the street. Mrs. Judy (chads mother) keeps me updated on the new wedding dresses in the windows :) We went in and worked with a sweet girl melissa that day, I think I tried on about 30 dresses that day, this was a great day b/c it helped me figure out the kind of style of dress I wanted! After a couple of hours I was overwhelmed so we headed out for a quick lunch in the town and then headed back home. I needed to go home and think.....

The first 6 weeks of our engagement!!

My life over the past 43 days... Chad & I got engaged June 29, we spent the rest of the week in St. Augustine/Panama City. We got home July 5, I started right away looking up venues, we visited several that week including: B&A warehouse, Canterbury united Methodist church (I absolutely love this church but it was booked), The tutwiler & The Club. I spent hours emailing, researching and calling different locations. On July 11 we visited Gabrella Manor & by July 16 we had Gabrella booked for may 8, 2010. This was a very exciting day knowing exactly where the wedding was going to take place made me feel relieved. I just knew Gabrella Manor was "the" place, we walked around the house and when I saw the exact location of where I would be standing I had chill bumps I knew it was meant to be. I just love the place!! I stayed busy working over the next couple of weeks but my next goal was to find a photographer after emailing, researching prices and calling several photographers I was definitely frustrated but its so crazy how things work out. A quick email to a friend Sunny Sheppard made things fall so quickly into place. I looked up and once again the chill bumps came, after scrolling to the wedding photos and coming across Rachel Mann Aldridges (aka one of my best friends in the world and also one of my bridesmaids) wedding photos I picked up the phone calling her telling her I wanted Kellen as my photographer I think I made her call his wife to see if may 8 was available. Lets just say I was having a hard time focusing at work that day, I was so excited. Monday July 20 we went to kellens home, he was cooking pasta for his family!!! We just sat down and talked to him and decided that night to go ahead and book him for the date. The following week I left for Connecticut well that is another crazy store in itself... I luckily made it home safely after a night in a micro hotel in Atlanta Georgia. I finished work that week and was counting down the minutes until I got to start my 7 on 7 off shift, this was another blessing that came at the perfect time. I worked my first week on last week, it was tiring and very different from day shift but a lot less stress which is so helpful right now....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

out of the loop

I had no clue I was so out of the loop with blogging... so here I start I recently got engaged June 29, 2009 check out our website on the knot, it has lots of pictures and the story behind it all!!!
I'm trying to figure out how to set all this up any suggestions would be fabulous!!