Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The first 6 weeks of our engagement!!

My life over the past 43 days... Chad & I got engaged June 29, we spent the rest of the week in St. Augustine/Panama City. We got home July 5, I started right away looking up venues, we visited several that week including: B&A warehouse, Canterbury united Methodist church (I absolutely love this church but it was booked), The tutwiler & The Club. I spent hours emailing, researching and calling different locations. On July 11 we visited Gabrella Manor & by July 16 we had Gabrella booked for may 8, 2010. This was a very exciting day knowing exactly where the wedding was going to take place made me feel relieved. I just knew Gabrella Manor was "the" place, we walked around the house and when I saw the exact location of where I would be standing I had chill bumps I knew it was meant to be. I just love the place!! I stayed busy working over the next couple of weeks but my next goal was to find a photographer after emailing, researching prices and calling several photographers I was definitely frustrated but its so crazy how things work out. A quick email to a friend Sunny Sheppard made things fall so quickly into place. I looked up Kellenjacob.com and once again the chill bumps came, after scrolling to the wedding photos and coming across Rachel Mann Aldridges (aka one of my best friends in the world and also one of my bridesmaids) wedding photos I picked up the phone calling her telling her I wanted Kellen as my photographer I think I made her call his wife to see if may 8 was available. Lets just say I was having a hard time focusing at work that day, I was so excited. Monday July 20 we went to kellens home, he was cooking pasta for his family!!! We just sat down and talked to him and decided that night to go ahead and book him for the date. The following week I left for Connecticut well that is another crazy store in itself... I luckily made it home safely after a night in a micro hotel in Atlanta Georgia. I finished work that week and was counting down the minutes until I got to start my 7 on 7 off shift, this was another blessing that came at the perfect time. I worked my first week on last week, it was tiring and very different from day shift but a lot less stress which is so helpful right now....

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